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My Beads - Silver Core style beads and bracelets! My Beads - Silver Core style beads and bracelets!
My Beads - Silver Core style beads and bracelets!
Jewellery Making Hints and Tips
Here we have a list of useful hints and tips submitted by you! You can submit hints and tips by clicking here. Otherwise, just email it in to We really appreciate your help in making our website a great information source for beaders!

Wire Work Hints & Tips
Pliers Scratching the Wire
Wrap masking tape around the ends of your pliers. Do 2 or 3 layers, and it will stop almost all scratches occuring on your wire jewellery. My Beads.

Planning Ahead
Always have a rough idea of where your wire piece is going - making a quick sketch is a good idea. That way, you will know where you are going and have enough wire to finish your piece. My Beads.

Non-slip support
Use an old mouse pad whilst making wire jewellery. Place it on your work bench to stop your piece slipping, without damaging the piece (due to its spongy nature). My Beads.
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Beading Hints & Tips
Rolling Beads
When beading, work on a towel. The nature of the towel stops beads from rolling away when dropped.My Beads.

When using clamshells (aka bead tips), add a dab of super glue to the knot before closing the clamshell. This will me it even more secure. My Beads.

Spilt Beads
Argh! Beads spilt beads on the carpet! This happens to us all every now and then. And the carpet seems to just eat them up! But there is any easy way to pick them up. Take the attachment off the end of your vacuum cleaner, and attach a stocking securly with elastic bands (with enough loose stocking so that it will be sucked inward a little). This will allow you to suck up all your lovely beads, then just empty them out! My Beads.

Beads in a Bowl!
When making a large piece, get all your beads together and put them in a small white bowl. That way, you can experiment with how the colours will look together without actually attaching them - easier to make last-minute adjustments too! Amanda from Pallina Designs

Glue Tip
If you need to use any glue for jewellery, use Arildite as is it not as brittle as super glue. When I used to glue beads with super glue, the beads eventually popped off. Mirjana.

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